Linex Pty Ltd.

Quality geological services for 20 years.

Our Services

Linex Geological Consultants offer expertise in mineral exploration, training, education and geotourism.

Linex specialise in detailed data collection (field mapping, drill core) that enable accurate and detailed geological reconstructions. Linex integrates geophysical, geochemical and geological data and links the macro with the micro for target generation or resource delineation.

Linex provide complete exploration services from targeting to permitting, drilling and reporting

Services include

  • Field mapping, pit mapping at mine and regional scale
  • Core logging & training
  • Cross section reconstruction/interpretation
  • Geochemical surveying, data modelling & analysis
  • 3D geological modelling
  • Geophysical interpretation & integration with geological data
  • Target generation
  • Project review & acquisitions
  • Historic research
  • Drilling services (permitting, tendering, rig management & staffing, sampling, logging, interpretation, reporting)

Examples of Linex’s work and expertise


Our Team