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Linex Exploration Expertise

Linex specialise in detailed data collection (field mapping, drill core) to enable accurate and detailed geological reconstructions. Used for resource delineation and target generation. Linex integrates geophysical, geochemical and geological data and links the macro with the micro to build a complete story.  Further details.


UPDATED: Victoria Hill field trip


The old and incomplete introduction to core logging

Publication series

Stratigraphic controls on structures and mineralisation:

Bendigo: AIG News 91:1-6.
Ballarat: AIG News 92:6-8.
Fosterville: AIG News 93:6-9.
Lockington: AIG News 94:1-5.
Nerrina: AIG News 97:1-7.
Summary: AusIMM Bulletin 2010(6):26-31.
Tanami: AIG News 113:1-9.
Review: Trans. IMM B 124(3):136-146

Exploration Success

Read about Linex's role in the discovery of the large Carrapateena, IOCG deposit beneath the Stuart Shelf, South Australia.


Memorial volume of the work of Tim O'Driscoll available from Rosenberg Publishing


Some of the central Victorian geological highlights from my University field trips: Rocks around Bendigo


Rebuilding central Victoria

Using high resolution turbidite stratigraphic mapping, Linex correlate between drill holes to determine fault offsets and constrain fold geometry.

PSV_model.jpg (31034 bytes)

For example, the location and offset of the faults at Fosterville have been established (from Perseverance Ltd annual report, 2004)

Linex Pty Ltd consulting projects

Au, base metal exploration, Davenport Ranges, NT Kurundi Group 2015-Present
Au, Mo, Cu exploration, Victoria. Acquisitions Dart Mining 2013-Present
Gold exploration, Tanami, NT. ABM Resources 2010-2012
Gold exploration, targeting, drilling, interpretation, Nerrina. North Ballarat 2004-Present
Gold exploration, targeting, drilling, interpretation, resource modelling, trial production, Berry Deep Leads, Creswick. Petra Minerals 2009-2010
Regional exploration, Stuart Shelf, South Australia. Uranium Exploration Australia 2007-2008
Field mapping of Tailings Storage Facilty. Ballarat Goldfields 2006
Field mapping and geochemical sampling, Myrtle Creek, 30km SE of Bendigo. Northgate Minerals 2006
Field mapping, target generation, drilling and interpretation, Russells Reef, Fosterville. Northgate Minerals 2005-2006
Core logging training and implementation if core logging and interpretation system developed at Fosterville.  Detailed geological correlation and interpretation and target generation of the new discovery at Lockington, Victoria. Gold Fields Ltd 2005-2007
Core logging training and implementation of core logging and interpretation system developed at Fosterville.  Detailed geological interpretation correlating turbidite stratigraphy >Ballarat Goldfields 2004-2006
Implementation of core logging and interpretation system developed at Fosterville.  Detailed geological interpretation correlating turbidite stratigraphy and 3D modelling using Vulcan. Bendigo Mining 2004-2005
Detailed core logging, details cross section interpretation correlating turbidite stratigraphy & 3D modelling using Minesight. Northgate Minerals 2003-2010
Mapping stratigraphy of mined pits to reconstruct fault offsets and fold geometry. Northgate Minerals 2002-2003
Creation and development of a sedimentology core logging and interpretation system to enable correlation of turbidites between drill holes to construct fold geometries and fault offset.  Northgate Minerals 2002-2004
Pilot project, stratigraphic mapping and correlation. Bendigo Mining 2001
Mine shaft & historic resource reconstruction.  Development, resource shape block modelling (using Gemcom & Vulcan). Bendigo Mining 1999-2000, 2003-2005

Other Linex projects

Provision of geological data for Hot dry rock projects, Cooper Basin.  Drilling, Otway Basin. Geodynamics Pty Ltd & Scopenergy Ltd 2001-2003
Lecturing in Structural Geology, Geophysics, Sedimentary Sequences, Introductory Geology, Honours/3rd Year project supervision & field mapping camps La Trobe University Bendigo 2000-2002, 2007-2010
Teaching geology to various tertiary, secondary, primary and adult education institutions Numerous 1994-2003
- Warburton Basin GIS CD.
- Cooper & Warburton Basin seals.
- Lineament analysis.
Primary Industries & Resources S.A. (PIRSA) 1997-2001
Potential field geophysical interpretation of the Cooper Basin area, South Australia PIRSA & Geoscience Australia 1999
Numeous structural geology and GIS consulting projects plus conference organisation Whitehorse Geoscience Ltd 1997-1999
Stratigraphic & structural correlation, Cooper & Warburton Basins, South Australia PIRSA 1994-1997
PhD & Honours projects - Tectonic evolution of the Warburton, Cooper & Eromanga Basins University of South Australia 1991-2003
Tectonic analysis of the U.S.A WMC 1991-1992



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