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2.2 Facies and sedimentary structures - additional information

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Amalgamated sanstones - very coarse sands overlying fine sands and showing flame structures

2_2_VC_sst_White_Hills_30%.jpg (50609 bytes)

Intraformational breccia in the central few metres of FDD187, Bendigo Mining Limited core. 2_3_IFB_FDD187_30%.jpg (46801 bytes)
CCCs, Campbelltown Road cutting west of Castlemaine. 2_3_CCC_Campbelltown_road_cutting_30%.jpg (48023 bytes)
RBS, in most of tray.  SPD079, Perseverance Corporation core. 2_3_RBS_SPD079_122_30%.jpg (56655 bytes)
RBS, in central metre of tray.  SPD081, Perseverance Corporation core. 2_3_RBS_SPD081_17_30%.jpg (55441 bytes)
RBS, in centre few metres of tray.  SPD097, Perseverance Corporation core. 2_3_RBS_SPD097_23_30%.jpg (57824 bytes)
RBS, for most of the tray.  SPD210, Perseverance Corporation core. 2_3_RBS_SPD210_23_30%.jpg (49215 bytes)
RBS, in last metre of tray.  SPD283, Perseverance Corporation core. 2_3_RBS_SPD283_48_30%.jpg (39801 bytes)
RBS, almost laminated shale.  FDD302, Bendigo Mining Ltd core. 2_3_RBS_FDD302_30%.jpg (40618 bytes)
RBS in outcrop, Vanessa North pit, Fosterville. 2_3_RBS_Vanessa_North_pit_30%.jpg (67561 bytes)
LSH, rows 3 & 4.  SPD081, Perseverance Corporation core. 2_3_LSH_SPD081_07_30%.jpg (62567 bytes)
Flame structure, Sandhurst Rd, Bendigo 2_3_Flame_Sandhurst_Rd_30%.jpg (47538 bytes)
Flame structure, Vanessa North pit, Fosterville 2_3_Flame_Vanessa_North_pit_30%.jpg (55698 bytes)
Flame structures in crest at 521m.  Note the thin quartz veins on cleavage in the shale beneath the flame structures.  SPD212.   Perseverance Corporation core. 2_3_Flame_SPD196_63_30%.jpg (50172 bytes)
1m of sand volcanoes above the sand at 507m giving the core a mottled appearance. SPD190.  Perseverance Corporation core. 2_3_Sand_volc_SPD190_60_30%.jpg (50115 bytes)
Sand volcanoes, SPD212.  Perseverance Corporation core. 2_3_Sand_volc_SPD212_30%.jpg (20987 bytes)
Scouring of bedded shales by fine grained sandstone.   Sandhurst Rd, Bendigo 2_3_Scour_Sandhurst_Rd_30%.jpg (50932 bytes)
Shale injections structures, Daleys Hill pit, Fosterville 2_3_Shale_injection_Daleys_Hill.jpg (68696 bytes)


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