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4.1 Vein orientations - additional information

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Refracted cleavage, almost upright in shale and rotating to perpendicular to beds in sands.  These planes of weakness are exploited by quartz veins following cleavage formation.  Central North pit, Fosterville

4_1_S1_Central_North.jpg (59298 bytes)

Veins on cleavage - perpendicular to bedding in the sands and rotating to parallel to axial planar cleavage in the shale.  Note on the far left of the photo, the vein re-enters the core in the sand. 4_1_S1_veins_30%.jpg (18129 bytes)
Vairously onriented veins near the hinge on the upper S3 reef, Bendigo.  The large vein is perpendicular to bedding in the sand on the left of the photo, it steepens to follow axial planar cleavage in the shales.  The vein breifly flattens once mor in a thin sand bed before turning to follow bedding.  Note on the thin sand bed in the bottom of the photo, the thin veins mimick the orientation of the larger vein.  4_1_Upper_S3_30%.jpg (86212 bytes)
Veins on cleavage opened between two lamainted, bedded quartz veins.  SPD256, Perseverance Corporation core. 4_1_S1_veins_SPD256_30%.jpg (18313 bytes)
Regularly spaced veins exploring radial cleavage planes of weakness in sands.  Veins form perpendicular to bedding.  SPD202, Perseverance Corporation core. 4_1_S1_veins_SPD202_67_30%.jpg (47297 bytes)
Thin veins refracted through sands and following veins exploiting cleavage.  SPD212, Perseverance Corporation core.  Axial planar cleavage in the shales can be seen as the light coloured streaks either side of the sand. 4_1_S1_veins_SPD212_30%.jpg (13510 bytes)
Variously oriented veins dominated by veins exploiting cleavage in sandstone perpendicular to bedding plus veins on bedding and upright exploiting axial planar cleavage.  4_1_S1_veins_Rickard_1892_F04.gif (146565 bytes)
Veins perpendicular to sands and steeping to follow axial planar clevage in shales.  Bendigo Mining decline, south exploration drive, 123577mN 4_1_S1_veins_South_Expl_drive_123577mN_30%.jpg (81603 bytes)
Kingsleys laminated quartz vein with perpendicular quartz veins in the overlying sandstone.  Bendigo Mining Swan Decline 4_1_S0_veins_Kingsleys_LQ_Swan_decline_50%.jpg (88962 bytes)
Reverse fault (red) and marker beds coloured showing small offsets.  Tension veins are well developed and veins perpendicular to bedding have opened in the sandstone beds.  Due to the relative orientation of the beds and the faults, the veins have a common orientation.  Bendigo Mining Swan Decline. 4_1_reverse_fault_related_veins.jpg (52345 bytes)
Tension veins off a reverse fault, Bendigo Mining Mid S3 north drive, 124088mN, view north 4_1_reverse_fault_Mid_S3_xcut_124088.jpg (28117 bytes)
Tension veins off upright fault, Bendigo Mining Mid S3 south drive. 124122mN. 4_1_reverse_fault_Mid_S3_xcut_124122.jpg (30063 bytes)


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