Linex have played a key role in education and training of geoscientists

Linex developed a core logging, correlation & cross-section reconstruction system for use in Turbidite-hosted orogenic gold deposits. This system was adopted widely across Victoria at Fosterville, Bendigo, Ballarat, Nerrina, Lockington, St Arnaud and elsewhere. At these sites, Linex implemented the systems, trained staff and provided ongoing support.

Linex have been enthusiastic geological educators through:

  • Lecturing at La trobe University Bendigo in Structural Geology, Geophysics, Sedimentology, Field Mapping, Introductory Geology and Project Management.
  • Primary school visits and excursions
  • Adult Education classes and excursions
  • “Geology for non-Geologists” within companies
  • Asissting the annual Geology of Gold field trip at Victoria Hill, Bendigo

Linex have led organising and running several conferences including:

  • International IAGOD Conference, Ballarat (1999) and field trip to Broken Hill
  • Core logging conference, Bendigo (2005)
  • “Pushing the boundaries: New frontiers in techology” conference, Woodend (2016)